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Holi for Kids

Holi Wallpapers
Colors and only bright colors everywhere – be it bright pink, vibrant orange or electric blue – these are the colors that excite kids on Holi. This colorful festival in March is an all time favorite for all ranges of kids. Marking the entry of spring, Holi is an exciting festival. For sure, Holi for kids should be exciting and not at all messy with colors.
Colors along with singing and dancing – simply brings about life in everybody. To excite the kids for Holi, here are some of the top ideas:
  • Fill balloons with colored water, and try to initiate a water balloon fight.
  • Paint your kid’s faces with multi colors.
  • Make them wear a white T-shirt and paint it with different fabric paints.
  • Try to make them wear jazzy colorful clothes.
  • Involve them in the song and dance that everybody gets involved in.
  • Have traditional Holi dishes on the spot to augment the spirit of Holi
  • Give your kids exciting Holi gifts and make it livelier for them.
Holi is only about full merry making, fun and enjoyment – practice it with colors and your kids shall definitely love it!
A festival of free spirits, Holi has been slowly turning its way from the natural colors to the festival of chemicals. Thus try to keep your kids away from chemicals and involve them in a natural free spirited Holi. Kids, getting introduced to Holi should not get frightened but moreover, should grow a liking for it. Tell them the mythological stories attached with Holi and try to link up an apt kid-version of the same. This will make the interest grow.
Make sweets that kids would love to have like special mithai, gujia etc. Burn the Holika at a safe place away from kids and link them up with the mythological stories with it. Then take them on a stroll to explore the color around – from pichkari to dry colors everywhere.

Holi story for kids : The story that can be told to kids on Holi goes like this - once upon a time, a proud and arrogant king named Hiranyakashipu gave orders to everybody for only worshipping him instead of Lord Vishnu. But his own son, Prahlad defied that and worshipped Lord Vishnu. This made the king angry and he asked his sister, Holika to do something for getting rid of Prahlad. Holika, being immune to fire, sat with Prahlad in a huge bonfire. In the bonfire, Holika got burnt whereas Prahlad survived with his continuous prayers to Lord Vishnu.
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